Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Aerial Blitz.

Our daughter Hazel has two poodles, we have them when
Laurie and Hazel go on holiday. Charlie is ten years old and black,
Boris (Dogson) is one, blond and nutty.Their last stay with us turned
out to be very traumatic.

Aerial War.

The dogs came on Saturday to stay with us,
We didn't know their visit would cause such a fuss.
Charlie is ten and mostly sedate,
Boris torments him but is quite a good mate.
The first few days were good and we had lots of fun,
Chasing Boris round the garden to give him a run.
He takes off up the steps just like a plane,
Then round the garden twice and he flies back again.

Bees had been swarming in our dining room roof,
We were told they wouldn't hurt us but we hadn't any proof.
Then wasps attacked the bees to get at their honey
We felt so sorry for them it just wasn 't funny.
We had dying bees indoors crawling all about
I got stung on my foot and it really made me shout.
Then for three afternoons on the best days of the year
The swarmed fighting in the garden, what a terrible scare.

Boris was stung twice when he went out for a wee,
He hopped around crying it was horrid to see.
So then every time the dogs had to go out,
Pete put them on their leads to walk them about.
He phoned the man from the council and made it quite clear,
Wasps and bees must both go, we are living in fear.
He,s allergic to wasp stings they make him so sick
So we would be glad if he,d be very quick.

So the nice chap came out, he can kill any pest,
He did what he had to it was for the best.
They don't like killing bees we can understand why,
But with their honey all stolen they would probably die.
So peace reigned at last and we all could go out,
Boris played with his toys and dashed all about.
It didn't last long,the weather turned bad,
Those three days of sunshine were the best we had had.

Jill West.

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