Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Wedding.

Remember the gnome who lives in our garage
along with the small homeless elf he let out space to.
The Wedding.

Remember that gnome who lives at our place,
He decided to get him a wife.
She's a pretty young thing with a shock of green hair,
He's vowing that this is for life.
They married in London, most of their friends
Work in goverment Westminster Palace,
Some came from Zurich, in finance I think,
Her name ? Imelda Jane Alice.

It was quite a big do they had lots of guests,
The presents they had were sublime,
Though where they will put them I really don't know
Our garage is full all the time.
They invited the elf said would he like to go,
But he had a prior booking,
He runs a disco for friends of his kind,
His buisness is now really cooking.

They're home now at last but it's really quite hard
Space in the garage is short,
Though the elf does his best to keep out of their way
He really is quite a good sort.
We are hoping they might find a place to themselves,
So that they have a quieter life,
As they constantly have a procession of elves,
All wanting to meet the new wife.

So if you have a couple of rooms going spare
And don't object to the genus of gnome,
Just let me know and I'll pass it on
That they're getting a lovely new home.

Jill West.