Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The potholus is a crafty type related to the mole
But instead of pushing earth up he likes to dig a hole.
The mole likes soil that's soft and warm to push towards the light
The potholus digs downwards and packs the stuff in tight.

The mole likes lawns and grassy spots to make his little hump,
Potholus digs the road up and causes cars to bump.
The motorists just hate him as they drive along the lane,
Such dangers and discomfort cause a lot of pain.

The gardener is one who causes moles to fear,
Potholus hates council trucks, although the're fairly rare.
When he smells the heated tar he's quickly on his way,
He's off to wait for snow and ice to dig another day.

Jill West.
P.S. The translation from Latin to English is pothole.