Thursday, 12 April 2007


We live in a beautifull little village in Somerset.There are no
brick built houses in the village. most are built of blue lias stone
quarried locally. The blue grey stone is very attractive.
Many of the houses were built in the 18th centuary but the
thatched Red Lion Inn is believed to go back to 14th centuary.

I like watch the jackdaws on the roofs of Baker street when I
am doing my washing up.In the spring they are very entertaining'
So the following poem.

A Desirable Residence.

"My dear " said Mr Jackdaw, "where would be the be the best,
Now that spring is here at last, to build ourselves a nest."
"Jackie! Baker Street looks super number five's the one we vetted,
Sadly nearly all the others have been securely netted.
If we're going to nest there we must be very quick
Jill and Fred are jackdaw friendly so that should be our pick.

Flagstone Cottage has three good pots, this row has many more,
But most of them have netting now, it really is a bore.
Oh quick! another couple are making for our spot,
It's going to be fight now for that special chimney pot.
Just flap your wings and caw a lot to drive them both away,
You look so fierce when you do that I know that they won't stay.

We'll dance around the top a bit to show our claim is right,
We only want to scare them off not get in a fight."
"Now you've laid two eggs dear, and our nest is feeling cosy
We will raise our little brood here the future looks quite rosy.
The chicks will keep us busy they need lots of love and care,
And we'll reserve this chimney pot for us again next year."

Jill West.

Careless Cone Caretakers

Why are council cone caretakers so careless with those cones,
They're always queing at the roadside causing lots of moans.
They're obedient little creatures, mostly staying where the're set.
Awaiting council workmen but they havn't turned up yet.
Sometimes they get knocked over, waiting patient to be righted
But as I've said before the workforce hasn't yet been sighted.

When you're on the motorway they guide to a chicane
Alas! when you reach the turning place you're in the wrong lane.
You travel quickly ten more miles trying to return
Moaning, sometimes swearing at all the rubber that you burn.
You can't blame those little cone chaps, they really do their best,
So let's hope that when the night comes they will get a bit of rest.

Jill West.

Sunday, 8 April 2007



The English language is a funny thing
The plural of mouse is mice
The plural of louse is lice,
But the plural of house isn't hice,
The plural of house is houses,
And when it comes to computers
The plural of mouse is mouses.

It's not what you do hear.

When you have a family you have to learn so much
With children playing round you, you have to keep in touch,
Your eyesight gets much keener and you really hear much more
Childrens ways are different, what next do they have in store.

You're doing the ironing, they're laughing paiting in a book,
Then they become quite quiet so you go to have a look.
Painting in a book! no not afterall, they got fed up with that
So they're painting on the wall.

The lunch is almost ready, in fact it's nearly done,
You've said please wash your hands but that sound!
What was that? you go into the bathroom,
OhLord! they're about to bath the cat.

You pick up the cross pussy and get him nice and dry,
Tell them they are naughty, then beg them not to cry.
Every one seems happy now but you don't what might come.
Good eyesight and tuned in hearing is what it needs to be a mum.

Jill West.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Cuboard Love.

Cuboard Love.

"Do you love me darling"? I asked him with a smile,
He slowly turned towards me and then he paused a while,
"Of course I love you darling" the words fell from his lips."
"So why Pete when I turned my back did you steal my last few chips.

Nice Vice.

You need a little bit of vice to make the world go round.
Although it may not seem to0 nice that is what I've found.
When people have no vices they really are a pain,
They don't seem to laugh much and every daay brings rain.

A little bit of chocolate and perhaps a little drink
That extra creamy biscuit might make your diet sink,
If it does and you get fatter and you might do I suppose
Take your cash and make a splash and buy some nice new clothes.

(That's if you can afford it. If not there is always the charity shop.)

Jill West