Wednesday, 12 August 2009


With all the slimming programes arround at the moment
on T.V.I had a look in the mirror and came up with this poem.


Lots of women hate their bodies they seem to them too fat,
They want to look like slender sylphs, big busts are now old hat.
Some say "I'm an apple shape that tummies such a no,
I must loose weight off my hips, that fat has got to go."
Others say " I'm pear shaped, my bottom is too large,
I know I should attend a gym but oh dear what they charge".
The thing about my figure is it doesn't fit the norm,
I'm not an apple or a pear I just don't conform.
I'm a POTATO shape with sticks for legs and arms,
But my lovely husband thinks I still have lots of charms.
So I'll just have to settle that my shape is rather odd,
It's been like that a long time now so I'll just accept my bod.

Jill West.

P.S.I believe there is also one called the toffee shape
but I don't know what that is.