Friday, 13 February 2009


I recently went up Steart Hill to see how the dinosaurs were coping
in the snow. I thought I would keep you up to date with their goings on.

Snow on Steart Hill.

The snow came down and the dinosaurs came out,
Most didn't know what it was all about.
Remembering his damaged leg Big Dennis gave advice,
"Just remember how I suffered when I slipped upon the ice".

Sleds were quickly made up from logs and bits of wood,
Flashing down the hill at speed made small dinos feel good.
They closed the new school they recently constructed.
The teachers were promised no pay would be deducted.

So they all joined in and had great fun,Big Dennis came to see.
When the little ones got cold and wet they all went home for tea.
Dinosaurs live many years and cope with all the weather,
They adapt so quickly they're really rather clever.

Jill West.

If you scroll further down you can read the full story of the dinosaurs.