Friday, 11 April 2008


A Visit To The Dentist.

I went to the dentist, his voice was quite grave,
He looked in my mouth and said "Hmm what can I save.
That filling you've had about ten years or so,
Is now obsolete so it may have to go..
The little bridge there a small work of art,
Is causing you trouble, in fact falling apart."
I'd heard about inplants so enquired as to cost,
"Well if thats how you're thinking, then all is not lost.
To make you look super I'd say all around,
Something in the region of ten thousand pound."
I flinched as he said it and gave a sad wail,
He said "I can see that you havn't got wealth,
So what can I do on the national health".
As he gave me a filling I was in quite a state,
For his terrible verdict, "We must give you a plate."
When there's a bang on the door now ,
Above all the din, I can hear Pete shout out

Jill West.

P.S. The actual amount was £15000 but I couldn't make it scan.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Dinosaur skeleton. Awider view.

Dinosaur skeleton
I made this skeleton on the dining room table with turkey and duck bones and large stones from the garden.Scroll down to see the narrow view.
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