Monday, 19 November 2007

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Friday, 16 November 2007


When dinosaurs left the Jurasic park,
They travelled and travelled for miles.
Most of their journey was in the dark,
Over hedges and ditches and stiles.

Their leader Big Dennis said
"We've got to go,the Cretaceous periods over,
We'll be extinct unless we are quick",
So they caught a ferry to Dover.

They travelled on and the small cubs got tired,
So their mothers gave them a cuddle.
Dennis said "now then, we've got to make plans"
So they drew themselves into a huddle.

He said we're in Salsbury, we need to go west,
I hear Somerset's really quite gentle."
One young buck said "really! I find that quite scary,
The A303s traffic's mental

They were so brave and travelling by night
They came to the top of a lane,
Dennis said "let's try here it looks really clear,
At the bottom there must be a plain"

So that's where they stayed and now live on Steart Hill
That's where they gambol and play,
So if you've had a drink at the Red Lion inn,
You might just observe them one day.

Jill West.


If you should come down Steart Hill maybe you might find,
Dinosaurs are living there and others of that kind.
Steart Hill has a stud farm, there's a little pound,
On the left are ladies, on the right males mooch around.

Dinosaurian dormitories is what it's all about,
They're waiting there for mating time off that there is no doubt.
Dinosaurs are singers when you think the wind is sighing,
Late at night up on the hill lady dinosaurs are crying.

Sometimes in the morning around the old Red Lion,
You'll find a pool of water, tears gathered there are drying.
Then in the spring time dino cubs are seen,
Though to catch a glimpse of them your eyesight must be keen.

Jill West.

P.S. Many people find a few drinks at tha Red Lion help
them to see the cubs.

Midsummers Day.

You know those dinosaurs who live on the hill.
Well do like a drink so they've started a still
They're also making rather good wine
Dandelion and burdock I'm told it's divine.

Some beer is brewing, they've added the yeast
They're baking big pies for a fabulous feast.
Potato and carrot a wonderful filling,
The size of the helpings will be really thrilling.

As I've said they're musicians, they sing and they dance,
They tread stately measures when they get the chance.
They've tried modern dances, they'd twist if they could,
As they're rather plump that was no good.

They are all looking forward to midsummers day,
When dinos make whoopee and come out to play
So don't go up Steart Hill lest you really must.
'Cos dinosaur dancing kick up such a fuss

Jill West


It was just after Christmas there was frost on the ground,
Big Dennis called a meeting and they all gathered round.
Dennis wanted suggestions to help him to think,
As he'd damaged a leg while out on the rink.

He shouldn't be skating he's got very old,
But the ice looked inviting and it was very cold.
The crowd got exited, they were all very vocal,
They said you must call on a doctor who's local

They decided to call doctors Huins and Duffy,
That did no good for they both got quite huffy.
"It's not in our remit to doctor old dinos,
Who are probably fierce and quite possibly wineos.

They said call a vet that would be very wise,
He will understand dinos, not like us guys.
"I don't think I'll do that" Dennis said with a frown.
They're predudiced people and might have me put down".

So they called farmer Tom who lives very near,
He tends all the animals he has in his care.
He came straight away with hot poltice of bread,
"This will help ease the pain and bring comfort"he said.

Dennis felt the pain going, Tom was like a magician,
Now they've made farmer Tom their appointed physician
If they have any troubles or anyone's ill.
They just wave to tom from the top of the hill.

Jill West.


Remember thr dinos who live on Steart Hill,
Well, they've decided to build a school.
With lots of small cubs now if a dino can't read,
It will probably feel quite a fool.

As the village below is built mainly of stone,
The walls should be really quite thick,
"The price will be high" I heard one of them moan
"Perhaps we should build it of brick".

The meeting quite quickly got terribly loud,
Held in what once was a shed,
The way old Dennis ran it made me feel proud,
"The looks are important he said.

What we build on this hillside has got to look good
We must remeber the dinos to come,
We'll consider it deeply as all dinos should
All decided it must be in stone.

So Dennis was happy how it all came about,
All the dinosaurs gave a great cheer.
Dennis opened his jaws and gave a great shout
He shed from his eye a small tear.

Now everone's happy, the cubs have a school,
And a playground where they can cavort,
The dinos remembered the old golden rule,
Don't make plans without plenty of thought.

Jill West.

This village is all stone, with the exeption of four mock
stone houses built in the late sixties.


Napoleon was a little man, the European bully,
When people said "you're nasty",
He said "you you don't understand me fully.
Because I am a small man I have to scream and shout,
To make up for my lack of height I throw my weight about."

There are a few more like him who behave this way,
Blustering short bullies with such a lot to say.
But Napoleon fell from grace ,
To a sticky end he came,
And it would not surprise me much
If they did just the same.

Jill West.